Getting with the program and blogging at last!

Getting with the program and blogging at last!


It was bound to happen. As an aesthetic nurse specialist (a rarity in the anti-aging

industry), I had to catch up with the rest of the business world and start a blog at

one time or another.


I am not letting you off the hook here. Just because I am about to educate you on my

full range of services doesn’t mean I won’t continue to sound like a continuous-loop

playback warning about the dangers of sun damage. But I do plan to tell you about

all kinds of aesthetic treatments that can benefit you, your psyche and the image you

see staring back at you in the mirror. Helping you understand the magic of many

of these procedures also means helping you plan ahead both psychologically and

budget-wise should you decide to avail yourself of them.


I’ll be talking about everything from permanent hair removal to laser skin

resurfacing to fillers, Botox, acne treatments and facials, filling you in on new

procedures, telling some personal stories and cluing you in on the latest news of the

anti-aging industry.


I hope you’ll share my blogs with others, since we’re all in the same boat. None of us

can turn back the hands of time, so we may as well let our inner beauty be reflected

on the outside as well. I look forward to sharing my wisdom, stories and training

with you as my blogs begin to blossom. Feel free to request topics as ideas occur to

you. This blog is for you, and all that you can be.

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