Acne Treatments

Results after 3 acne treatments and 2 resurfacing treatments

NOTE: Patient shown above received combination therapy consisting of 4 acne treatments for the active acne and 2 resurfacing treatments for the hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Our LuxV state-of-the-art laser concentrates light into individual pulses which target and kill acne-causing bacteria.

Single Treatment starting at $100

Three Treatments starting at $250

Best results when combined with skin resurfacing. Custom packages available for all laser treatments.

Acne treatment (Lux V Handpiece)

Palomar Pulsed Light Systems offer an effective alternative acne treatment. Palomar systems deliver concentrated light pulses which target acne-causing bacteria and inhibit future acne breakouts. The result is a long remission time between treatments without any drug-related side effects.