Lori is amazing! I turned 40 last year and had heard that laser treatments can help with the years of sun damange that I had inflicted on myself (baby oil in the sun….what was I thinking?) and fine lines and wrinkles, but I was a little hesitant. I met with Lori for a consultation and she walked me through all my options, spent a lot of time with me, explaining the procedure and talking about what to expect. She is so friendly and caring and I immediatly felt comfortable. I have had two treatments and am amazed by how many compliments I get on my skin! My sun spots have lightened considerably, my pores are smaller and my husband and friends tell me I look younger too. I am thrilled and Lori tells me that over time the results will get even better as I begin to grow collagen. YayMichelle Green – Sacramento, CA
For many years I felt there was no need to take care of my facial skin. I honestly felt it was something only women did. I played outdoors sports and just allowed the sun to take its course. I basically allowed the sun to damage my skin. As the years progressed the burn marks and pigmentation problems got worse and I became very self conscious of my appearance. It got to a point that no matter how well dressed I was, my face made me feel uncomfortable. And to add to the problem, it was a horrible holding a face to face conversation with anyone and instead of looking at me eye to eye, it was their eyes all over my face. I would be asked things like, “were you in a burn accident?”, or “is that a birth mark?”. Comments like that just made me feel worse about my appearance. A few months ago I had a consultation with Lori and decided it was time to hopefully do something about it. Lori is an extremely caring and approachable individual, which made me feel in good trusting hands. Although, I won’t deny the process was somewhat discomforting and painful, it’s was incredibly worth it. My face doesn’t just look great, but I look younger as well. Most of my family and close friends were a bit skeptical on the results, but they are now impressed; just like myself. I recommend anyone with similar skin problems to give RIM Aesthetics a try. You won’t regret it.Cristobal Cortes
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